Arts'n crafts ideas (Full version)

Revamping kitchen cupboards and cabinets with a stencil

Cupboard doorsKitchen cupboard doors (currently white-painted varnished wood from the 50s ) are decorated with patterns produced using the technique of painting with stencils. I based my patterns on Indian cashmere wool fabric designs:stylized flowers and birds.

you will need

I used tracing paper and white bristol board for the drawing and the stencil. To paint, you need a medium stencil brush and acrylic paint in a tube ( red, yellow, blue ) mixed on a palette to produce some warm shades of color.

Cutting out the patterns

Cutting out the patterns with a craft knife.I cut the patterns out using a craft knife.

Setting the motifs in place

Symmetrical and alternating design patternI used the same motifs over and over again, positioning them alternately in a symmetrical fashion, thus creating a kind of aesthetic balance.


Close-upsThe motifs are made up of solid blocks separated by "gaps" around 0.4 inches wide.
Traditional Indian motifsThe designs are based upon traditional Indian motifs because I love the whole Bollywood ambience!

Creation of stencil

Adapting the flower design to stencilThe Indian flower design has been adapted for use with the stencil.

look... we've revamped a big door

Large doorReusing the stencils to create a design for a large door that matches the cupboard.