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DIY decorating & craft ideas

DIY Mosaic lizard
Click on the picture : step by step explanation Mosaic lizard in warm tones...
An ideal model for First mosaics.

Techniques used
decorative box idea
A lockable box
'little prince' design in salt dough
Step by step guide
Decorating spice jars for a Provencal kitchen..

Techniques used
Glass painting
Working with paper napkins
Decorative glass painting idea

Basically....DIY decorating ideas
Little lavender pouch
with initialled embroidered heart
in cross stitch. Photo Napkin container decorated in 'torn paper style' mosaic decopatch paper. Interior painted in acrylic fuschia pink then dabbed in cloud white using a cloth. Photo
decorating idea using a crackle coating
Sugar bowl decorated with crackle coating.
The acrylic color paint is applied by paintbrush followed by white paint applied with cloth on the raised parts only.
Hint : a flat coat before the coating is advisable on metal surfaces. idea for candle holder
Candle holder in varnished pine : simply cut out, then bevelled with a chisel and finally varnished.

decorative metal watering can
Painted watering can.
Using paint for metal for vine leaf and ladybug freehand designs on watering can Kitchen decorating idea
Decorative chopping board
Paint white first, then cut out and stick different designs. Lastly, paint on the square borders with a stencil. Put on several coats of varnish on the painted side, leave the other side unvarnished.

Decorative hanger
Decorating idea : a personalized hanger.
Apply paint (different colors to different sides). Paste on strips of paper and napkin around the hanger.
Fix on designs, using paper napkins as you've been shown.