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interior decoration: an ocean-going decor

painting using a stencil with an ocean-themed designInterior decoration Ocean-themed décor
Ideas for arts, craft and decorative projects with an ocean theme for the bathroom, a house by the seaside or just to help you remember your last trip to the seaside...
Painting on wood, using a stencil, mosaic tiles, beads: different arts and craft techniques applied to an ocean-going theme.ocean-themed arts and craft design
Painted wood ocean-themed mirror Illustrated arts, craft and decorating ideas Painted wood mirror, decorated with mini ropes and beads, a combination of painting with the stencil and ocean-themed Magic motifs.
ocean-themed bathroom decor Glass container for the bathroom in blue-green shades that combines repositionable paint and a bead-based decorative design.
Discover a whole range of ocean-themed decors in the store D'clic Mosaic" : lighthouses, seahorses, fish and starfish are available in kit form or au détail, décors pleins or photo frames.LIGHTHOUSE PICTURE FRAME KIT

Ocean-themed arts and craft activites for children

stencil-painted chairA little traditional rush seat chair is given a new, ''seaside'' look! Firstly, it's given two coats of blue acrylic paint. Once the paint has dried, the chair's uprights and arm posts will be decorated using a stencil and white acrylic paint. The stencil is stuck on beforehand (using a temporary adhesive spray, this makes for an easier and better job). We then apply the paint using a stencil brush, loading the brush with just a little paint and dabbing it onto a cloth before applying. Be careful, if there's too much paint, or if the paintbrush is too wet, the motif will run. This stencil-based activity is suitable for young children from the age of 4-5 years old; but beware! you may have trouble getting them to put their brushes down..!chair painted using a stencil
stencil design picture frame for kidsHere we're decorating a picture frame in unfinished wood in 3 steps, using stencil-painted designs:
  • on the outside edges
  • on a sheet of blue cardstock that will be slid under the glass
  • on the glass of the frame itself, thus creating a 3D effect.

Other ideas for little picture frames to remember your holidays by...

Here we've painted picture frames in a blue that's going on navy blue. On one of them, sky blue swirls are painted freehand and a card is slid under the glass. Upon the other, the picture frame glass is taken out and replaced with a sheet of white cardstock to which are glued painted seashells and a pretty souvenir pebble.small picture frames with ocean-themed designs
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