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Revamping an old piece of furniture

How to make new from old

Here's the starting point, a simple little piece of furniture that can fit into a corner, bought from a thrift shop. It's so ugly and dirty that nobody would give it a second glance. What's more, it's made of cheap old plywood. But it was so cheap that I decided to buy it. Here's how it looked when I first got it.

Getting down to work

I wash and sandpaper it. I take off the yellow foam and fill in all the flaws and screw holes with wood filler.

After the drying stage

I glue a sheet of thick, coarse paper on top. I spray the feet with silver paint and paint the rest in a light cappuccino shade.

The final stage

Last of all, using paperpatch adhesive, I glue glazed paper, of the type used by florists, to the door. When it's fully dry, I apply a layer of glossy glue/varnish. The next day, I apply a coat of marine varnish over the entire item in order to give it maximum protection against any kinds of stains or splashes. Then I swap the plastic handles for more modern, aluminum ones. Here's the result.