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Decorating your home

Decors are getting up close and personal, 'DIY crafts' have really caught on - arts and crafts are on everybody's lips...and hands! Home decoration canvas painting
second-hand furnitureWhether you want to update an interior that's way too traditional or create really striking, almost theatrical contrasts, everyone can give full rein to their creativity in their own home. We'll start with something easy - accessories for the interior decor that can be coordinated, then we'll go onto a second-hand piece of furniture, saved from a garage, until finally moving onto a complete home interior makeover.
What if the kitchen were to become that cozy place that we all dream about, a full bathroom that's bright and airy and which everyone will love, corridors that are transformed into mini worlds all in themselves, making the link between our other living spaces.
A house that's really a home, everywhere, including in the kids' bedrooms.
close-up of a decorative kitchen designpractical mosaic-covered decorative designdecorating wooden objects by painting
The kids also want a living area that reflects their personality, that expresses their world and their interests! Discover our craft ideas and instructions: ideas to get you started or step-by-step instructions for craft projects. It's like gradually seeing your house under a whole new light! There's also revamping furniture or smaller objects since recycling and reusing second-hand material has never been more fashionable. Our decoration store pages: a selection of articles by our craftspeople and artists, such as bedside lamps, and decorative mirrors, and also wooden furniture, and plenty of things to be personalized, especially objects to go into children's bedrooms.
decorating a vase
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