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Making a cardboard console

cardboard console

To make this console, I cut out a template in cardboard. This required a total of 18 cardboard lengths as I used 3 sheets of cardboard to make one length and this piece of furniture is made in 2 main stages. In reality, it's made up of 2 pieces of furniture put together. This is necessary to give the console strength over time and to create aesthetically-pleasing legs, which would otherwise have been rather crudely done if I'd made them in one go. Cardboard table

Cardboard console, 1st stage.

Assembled piece of cardboard furnitureHere's a photograph of the piece of furniture as it was assembled, which will help you to imagine it better.

Console made from and covered with cardboard

Table covered with cardboardThe table is ready to be completely covered with cardboard, using self-adhesive kraft paper tape.

Cardboard console after application of coating

Whiting-based coatingThe table is covered with a whiting-based coating.

Cardboard console, the last stage

After having applied the coating, I paint it, using an ebony-colored acrylic paint. Then I apply 3 generous coats of polyurethane aqueous phase varnish (varnish used on parquet floors, for example) to protect it in case it gets splashed with water. Remember! The handles of the drawers are also made from cardboard and are painted with a gold-colored acrylic paint. Thanks for having taken the time to read these instructions. Marie Varnishing the cardboard table