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revamping a lightshade using pieces of driftwood

Here's how to decorate a seemingly ordinary tall floor lamp with bits of driftwood upon the lamp stand... Thus turning it into a contemporary 'objet d'art' that brings to mind all the voyages undertaken by these pieces of driftwood... driftwood floor lamp

Putting the floor lamp together

Unpack the different lamp parts and assemble the 4 lamp stand sections together ..Personally, I left one section out, as I found the floor lamp was too tall otherwise.  Next, take off the light socket, so you can slide the lamp lengths through the bits of driftwood.

The driftwood selection stage

Pick pieces of differently-sized driftwood to be able to alternate between sizes. Equip yourself with a drill and a 16 gauge flat wood bit.

The driftwood assembly stage

Here we have to choose the pieces of driftwood one by one as we assemble the lamp stand, always trying to ensure that as little as possible of the metal stand will be visible. Then we drill holes through the driftwood and 'thread' them through the stand. They will be interspersed with smaller pieces of wood .
When all the pieces of wood have been added to the stand,
Replace the light socket. Add the lamp-shade of your choice and then the lamp shade holder to keep the lamp shade in place