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Christmas candleholders and tea light holders


Candleholders in salt dough

A Christmas angel made from salt dough, inspired by German porcelain designs. christmas angel candleholder in salt dough
Christmas candle The idea is to create a novel-looking candle base for a large candle.
Cut out the shape of a candle in thick salt dough,  leaving a half-inch border all around. Push the candle into the salt dough to mark out its outline, then remove it again. Form little leaves out of salt dough and arrange them all around the outline of the candle. Finally, add a few holly berries. Bake or leave to dry. Christmas candleholder in salt dough

Candleholders and tea light holders decorated with glued-on designs

Making tea light holders is a fun handicraft activity for kids, who will really revel in their new rôle of interior designer!
Tea light holder collageVertical strips of Decopatch paper are glued (using glue for the paper napkin applique technique) to this glass tea light holder, and a horizontal strip is glued at the bottom. Before the glue dries, add little golden stars.
Golden tea light holderTea light holder made by Loïc, 6, with the help of some advice from Marie ;) Glue scraps of paper napkins to a glass yoghurt pot (remember to separate out the layers of paper), then glue on the little golden Christmas motifs. Lastly, thread a few large white beads onto a length of brass wire and wind it round the tea light holder. The icing on the cake is the bed of little crystal beads upon which the candle sits. Find out more about the technique for making paper napkin collages.

Painted glass tea light holders

Paint is applied to the glass using a paintbrush, then baked on in an ordinary oven.
The outline of the painted shapes are drawn out in copper outliner.
Try this fun experiment: place the yoghurt pot upside down, dribble a few big drops of paint down the sides (to which you have already applied a thin coat of paint, using a thick paintbrush).
Painted glass tea light holder

Remember! there is a color of Fimo "translucent" clay, with which you can cover a glass pot with a mosaic of shapes in fimo clay and thus create some lovely, highly original light effects with this tea light holder... (be careful not to let the translucent clay come into contact with another color, otherwise it will lose its translucent quality). Would you like to share this design with others? Publish your craft projects ...