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Table decorations for Christmas and celebrations

place cards initialsHere some ideas for decorating your dinner table at Christmas time.
With these DIY ideas, great decorations don't have to cost you a fortune.

Have a look at some of our ideas for table decorations, get inspired and get making.

Some ideas can be made with kids, they will love decorate with you the dinner table at Christmas time.

christmas place cardsPlace cards ideas for Christmas table

Crystal bead decorations for glasses
, for decorating the bottoms of glasses or candleholders
decorative crystal bead glasses for new year's eve
crystal bead christmas decorationFor decorating the dinner table, glasses and even the Xmas tree, have a look to these home made crystal bead decorations.
How to present festive napkins
with napkin rings made with beads like a jewel
decoration for christmas table napkin
tea light holder for christmas decorationChristmas tea light holders to make at home with kids, salt dough for decorating candleholders.
Christmas tree wooden centerpieceA wooden Christmas tree as a table centerpiece, decorating with Christmas red and green colours (or sillvered and green colours) and some coloured beads.

Father Christmas' sleigh in table decoration and basket form, painted and decorated with rhinestones

christmas sleigh decoration centerpiece
Christmas crystal beaded ball for tableTo be placed  on the festive table : a crystal beaded ball.

How to make place cards initials

how to make Place cards with initialsDraw or print the initials on a white calling card.
Cut out carefully, then use a craft knife to remove the white areas. (Take care of fingers.)
Paint the interlace the desired color, then paint the initial in gold felt-tip pen or paint.
Make a bow in the satin ribbon (of matching color with the initials). Tie it with gold-colored string. (Leave enough string to be able to attach the ribbon to the napkin.)
Stick the initials to a surface of the ribbon.napkin decoration with place card with initials

How to make Rose napkin rings

These napkins rings like a rose on each plate are so decorating for your festive dinner tables.
rose ring napkin Cut a toilet tissue roll to the same width as the ribbon used for the snowmen place cards. Cut all the way round. Fix the ribbon, tucking it in at each end.
Make two roses and fix them to the napkin ring. This creation isn't difficult, it just takes a lot of patience...ribbon forming a rose for festive napkins
Some other simple ideas and so naturals ::
- write the name on green leave you've just picked up,
- spray cones (with golden or silvered paint), then write the names on a piece of coloured cardboard and put them on the top of each cone.