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Father Christmas' sleigh in table decoration/basket form

"My beautiful sleigh" in the Father Christmas style will sit proudly on the Christmas table, acting as a table centerpiece basket, or else at the foot of the Christmas tree, filled with lots of lovely little gifts.My beautiful sleigh!

You will need...

- a wooden sleigh,
- acrylic paints : red, white, metallic gray,
- a grainy 'granite effect' red paint,
- snow effect paste
- Swarovski crystal rhinestones, about 20 16mm Crystal ab rhinestones and 3 20 mm Light siam
- glue specific for rhinestones.

the painting stage

painting the sleighThe idea is to paint the inside of the sleigh light red and the outside a grainy 'granite effect' red.

The sides are painted white.

Start by painting the runners metallic gray, then place the sleigh on a couple of pencils and let the paint dry before painting the bottom of the sleigh light red.
Painting the sleighThe outside of the sleigh is therefore painted using this special grainy granite effect paint, with black specks that will set off the red.

Snow & rhinestones

Snow effect on the sleighThe sides of the sleigh are painted white, then decorated with snow: using a palette knife, apply the snow effect paste little by little.
crystal rhinestonesWithout waiting for the snow effect paste to dry, we set a few Crystal ab rhinestones here and there along the sides of the sleigh, pushing them gently into the paste.
You may also stick them in places where there's no snow. Finally, 3 Light siam rhinestones are glued to the upper part of the sleigh's back seat.
If the sleigh is designed to hold food products, the sleigh's inside must absolutely be varnished with a food-safe varnish.