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Christmas decorations made from crystal beads

Sparkling Christmas decorations made from crystal beads:  you can have all the fun of making your own original decorations or of offering them to your guests as little gifts...
Christmas hanging decoration made from crystal beadsBicone beads in Swarovski crystal are ideal for creating decorations with a geometrical design: the faces of the bicone beads make it easy to create a stable, flat design, and the crystal sparkles in the light. The store "Jewelry and beads" stocks jewelry for Christmas decorations made from beads, to make yourself, available in the two color types that are typically Christmassy: - red and gold, - crystal / azure. Also in trendy colors: - Black, crystal and silver, - Copper and satin green.
Snowflake hanging decoration made from crystal beadsChristmas hanging decorations made from beads
Hanging decorations made from beads in star, ball and snowflake shapes...
Swarovski crystal pendants that create fascinating, truly exquisite reflective effects
Father Christmas crystal bead kitA nice little Christmas lucky charm in crystal Swarovski beads, to fasten to a bag or the Christmas tree or perhaps to be used as a gift for a guest...
Swarovski crystal leafAmber crystal leaf hanging decoration
Swarovski crystal snowflakeCrystal snowflake hanging decoration in a very special "crystal blue ab" color
All these designs are available in kit form: all the beads (and the thread) are supplied with detailed, step-by-step instructions, illustrated with color diagrams. See the kits for these bead designs. Alternatively, create your own Christmas designs and decorations with crystal beads for sale to the general public.

Table decorations for festive meals

These decorative bead designs (and other designs...) are also very much appreciated as table decorations, tied around napkins or to the bottom of glasses... The crystal of the beads really shows off a table set for a festive occasion in its best light. They can be chosen so as to match the cutlery and the colors of the dinner service, or alternatively, to make a pretty contrast with a white dinner service. Guest gifts: as a souvenir of the occasion, the guests can bring away the gift decoration that embellished their napkin or glass... See other table napkins decorated for Christmas...
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