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"Sleeping Angel" candleholder for a touch of Christmas spirit

Christmas Angel made from salt dough, inspired by German porcelain designs.
Christmas angel candleholder in salt doughFirst, make a small do-nut shape.

Then embed the candleholder in the salt dough (remember to remove the candle before it goes into the oven!).

On the opposite side, embed a ball of aluminum foil to act as a base for the angel. On top, add a dress, cut out of thinly-rolled out salt dough, then add the arms.

The head is made separately and placed on a wooden toothpick.
In the thinly-rolled out salt dough, cut out: a star, holly leaves and a long ribbon. Form the holly berries and place all of these items on the do-nut shape. Using a single piece of dough, cut out and form the angel's wings. They will be baked separately and will be fixed into place once they're painted.

/If you pre-cook the salt dough, it will be easier to create the different parts of the angel.

Stick the toothpick for the angel's head into the aluminum ball and arrange its arms as you wish. Add the angel's hair, strand by strand, using a garlic press. Finish baking the candleholder.
You can now get started on painting, using acrylic paint. Then add on glitter glue and varnish the whole design. You can now add the candle and light it.... Christmas candleholder