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A stylish white (and black) Christmas

Here's a stylish new design for Christmas, all decked out in Black and White with just a hint of silver. Because we want the originality to lie in the craft design itself, we're going to help you make these long table garlands in crystal beads that you can drape in between your glasses, as well as window garlands that are also made from beads, not to forget a Christmas 'picture frame' decoration in the Home deco style that's definitely striking to look at with its Black and white color scheme.Black and white Christmas table garland

First of all, here's the idea

Black and White table garland with pom ponsA table garland that combines the softness of the black pom pons in felt and the transparent, Silver and Black crystal bead Christmas design.

The designs are arranged along a long black waxed cotton cord: this cord is thread into a sharp embroidery needle with a large eye, which will enable you to thread on pom pons, round black beads and here and there, crystal shapes - stars, snowflakes or Christmas balls...
Black and White Christmas ball
Silver Star decoration Here we take up the idea of black pom pons thread onto a thin cord along with crystal Star shapes once more, this time to keep the cutlery together in one place.Black and White tableware decoration

Black and white Christmas 'picture frame' decoration

Black and white home deco style Christmas 'picture frame' decoration This 'picture frame' decoration in the Home Deco style features three mini holders for Christmas flower-stars... The frame is made from different materials using a fun technique that works with boondoggle/scoubidou thread and a touch of poetic imagination... How to make this design
Black and white Christmas scene on canvasEasier to make, but just as striking is this canvas where Father Christmas' silvery sleigh contrasts with the simple background scene of a pitch-black forest.

Long table garland

table garland made from beadsLong garland for a Black and white table decoration. Transparent crystal faceted beads combined with dark gray faceted beads with a pretty 'Northern Lights' gleam about them make for a subtle look).

Bead stars with a cabochon-star center in Swarovski crystal that matches the table garland are strewn all over the table.

>> How to make a long table garland out of beads

Ready-to-use or to offer as a gift, it's in the "Jewelry and Beads", store that you'll find this long table garland and Christmas starready to be put into pride of place. Star bead table decoration

Hanging garland

Hanging garland made from Black and crystal beadsIf you want to play with geometrical effects, you can hang these garlands vertically down a window or a wall. This hanging garland is made with beads from all sorts of materials: - Swarovski crystal, naturally, for the large central cabochon, white luster finish beads and little bicone beads scattered here and there, cylindrical silver leaf beads, black Agate chip beads, various glass beads, (round or faceted), top quality Delica silver-lined beads. The beads are threaded to a flexible bead stringing wire that allows you to arrange the garland into an attractive table centerpiece. Close-up of black and white garland
Black and white crystal table garlandYou will find Ready-to-use or to offer as a gift this black and white hanging Christmas garland...

Black and white hanging Christmas decorations

Black and white bead hanging Christmas decorationsHere is a set of two hanging decorations that plays on the contrasts between Black and white, with beads made from natural materials or Swarovski crystal beads.

Attached to cellphone straps, they can be used either as decorations or else as gifts for your guests.

Take a closer look at these Black and white hanging decorations to be used as gifts, together with other design kits in the "Jewelry and beads" store...