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Place cards and festive decoration for a christmas table

Here are some ideas for pretty decorations for a Christmas meal where everyone will find their place easily thanks to these smart place cards.
Christmas decorations page Table decorations to make with the kids
A place card in the shape of Father Christmas' hat, made from thick red paper and cotton wool glued all the way around the brim and a little ball of cotton wool glued to the top of the hat. The guest's first name is written in silver marker pen.
Glasses for a Christmas tableDesigns in repositionable paint on the glasses

The designs are prepared beforehand on a plastic sheet: first apply the outliner, then, once it's dry, the kids can fill in the empty spaces with window color paint.
So that the glasses can also be used as place cards, everyone's initials are written in outliner directly upon their glass (put to one side to dry). Christmas painted glass design
place card for Christmas tableA subtle place card Made from a miniature plant pot (1.2 inch diameter) which is painted red, then decorated with a silver felt-tip or marker pen. A white pom pon tops off this hat for one of Santa's little helpers!

Place cards with something of the magic of Christmas about them

tableThe same hat can also be used to dress up one of santa's helpers, once again, made from a small terra cotta plant pot.
Christmas place cardBoth Santa's helper or the naughty angel are made from natural materials: wood, terra cotta, string. These figures are made from 1 terra cotta plant pot (1.6 inches in diameter) or 2 pots, if using one for the hat, a bead in unfinished wood (1.2 inches in diameter), a little felt and some string... First of all, paint the 2 pots red (acrylic paint), then paint the bead light pink.
Close-up of the making of the place cardCut a star out of a piece of green felt (the distance from one point to another being 1.6 inches), then cut five 4.7 inch long pieces of thick string.
Make a hook with a 3.9 inch length of brass wire to attach the string to the bead, slide the felt star between the bead and the plant pot, then bend the wire back inside the pot as you would a brass fastener. Separate out the strands of the string and with a pair of scissors, give the figure a nice hair-cut!
using a fine-tipped felt tip pen, draw the eyes, the eyebrows, the smallest of noses and a big smile. A little bit of red for the cheeks and santa's innocent little helper really comes to life! Decorating the pot: use wooden beads for the little helper or gold outliner for the angel. Glue on yellow felt wings for the little angel. santa's little helper and christmas angel table decorations
Hatless or with a hat all in one color, these Christmas decorations made from natural materials can be placed where you like. Writing a name on the hat turns them into place cards for a festive Christmas table!

Snowmen place cards

Snowmen christmas place cardsCreated from two polystyrene balls of different sizes for the body and head. The balls are held together with a wooden toothpick.
Their hats are made from ribbon used for Christmas decorations,(the kind with a wire around the edges so they keep their shape). The hats are fixed with a pin at the back of the head. Fold the ribbon over the top of the head and add a cotton pompom. The ensemble is then fixed with a pin.

The eyes, the nose, the arms and the buttons are seed beads threaded on pins.
The scarf is made from a piece of pipe cleaner.
The song sheets are made of white calling cards.
The base is a square of kapaline board.
Push three pins up through the kapaline and then place the snowman on top to hold him tight.
Use red and white ribbon to vary the colors against a white tablecloth.