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Miniature fir trees to decorate

Here's a selection of miniature wood fir trees, decorated using various techniques: painting, the 'cracked effect', glueing on of paper and glitter... These little fir trees in wood may of course be hung from the Christmas tree, but they also make for a very original way to embellish a gift wrapped package, or to decorate a table napkin.
Candleholder design Decorating wood objects with rhinestonesIt's thinestones and beads that add the color to fir trees or wooden shapes made out of white-painted wood. Christmas takes on shades of pink and parma (very fashionable!), classic gold, or even an elegant combination of black and white.
Crackle paint and glitter Magic Motifs
Crackle paint 1st stage: paint the fir tree a light green color. Then spread the crackle medium on with a paintbrush (apply in the same direction). Leave to dry a while (about 20 minutes, depending on the crackle medium you're using), then paint again, using a darker color. Fir tree painted with crackle paint
decorating the fir tree2nd step: cut out a Magic-motif and apply it to the wood (press down hard over the entire surface of the motif, using a stick, for example). Peel off the protective film on the back.
Glitter on the fir tree3rd step: Place the tree onto a page and sprinkle glitter over it (here we're using very fine, silver glitter) Brush away excess glitter with a paintbrush: the Magic motifs are covered with glitter and the designs are perfectly clear!
paper collage wood fir tree
After the painting is finished, cut out a fir tree shape from a sheet of decoupage paper (thin paper that's easy to cut). Apply glossy spray glue/varnish to the back of the fir tree and after a few minutes, place the paper cut-out onto the wood fir tree. Next, decorate the paper fir tree with glitter glue and above all, with 3D/puff paint in gel form (green paint here) to make the outline of the fir tree and the Christmas balls stand out.
Sheet of special Christmas decoupage paperChristmas decoupage paper
Plastic balls Magic-Motifs, rhinestones and beads
Christmas tree designsWe're using crackle paint again here, but this time, the dark green paint has been applied first, then the lighter colored paint is applied on the crackle medium. The red rhinestones (Swarovski "Light siam") shine like little illuminated balls! The magic-motifs used here are on the theme of gifts, so a bow in beads was an absolute must.
Making a bow out of beads and brass wire
Bead design To a length of brass wire about 11.8 inches long, thread on about 16 to 18 red faceted beads (3mm). Thread the two ends of the wire into a large lampworked glass bead.
Taking one end of the wire, form a symetrical loop and thread the wire through the big central bead. Now make a smaller loop that you'll flatten (like the end of a bow), and rethread the wire through the large bead.Bead bow design
With the other end of the wire, form the same flattened loop and thread the wire back through the big bead. This gives you some brass wire with which to fasten this pretty little bead bow to the wooden decoration.
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