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Natural-look Christmas garland

scented garland for a 'green' christmas
Here's an original idea to decorate and perfume your home interior with the lovely smell of mulled wine that heralds Christmas: a totally natural garland! The dried orange peel is home-made: you just have to keep the peel from large oranges (of the type used to make juice), cut them in 4 and stick them onto a wooden kebab skewer; then leave them to dry next to a heat source for a few days.

4 wood hearts forming the word 'xmas'
Dried orange peel
Small pine cones
Cinnamon sticks
Wooden skewers
glue gun
a drill.
Materials for making a natural-look garland

making the design

Making a natural-look garland1 Take the pine cones, hold them upright and drill right through, from one side to another, at the bottom of the cone.

2 Drill a hole through the middle of the cinnamon sticks.

3 Heat the glue gun.

4 Take a length of string, about 39 inches long, at one of the ends, make a loop from which to hang it, then thread on, in this order, a cinnamon stick, 4 "pieces of orange peel", a pine cone, 4 "pieces of orange peel" before tying one or two knots (depending on how thick the string is) and cutting it.
Take the "X" heart, apply a little hot glue to the hole on top of the heart and push the garland knot into the hole, with the help of a wooden skewer.

Tie one or two knots at the end of the remaining string, add a little glue to the hole in the bottom of the "X" heart, push in the knot you had made previously and continue with the rest of the garland: orange peel, pine cones, orange peel, tie another knot immediately after the orange peel, cut the string, glue the "M" heart (between the "M" heart and the "A" replace the pine cone with a cinnamon stick) and continue like this before finishing off with the "S" heart .