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A christmas picture frame where it's raining reindeer!

This Christmas picture frame wouldn't look out of place at Father Christmas' place, would it? When you've found a napkin pattern that inspires you, you'll have a new Christmas wall decoration for that authentically naïve look! christmas reindeer picture frame
The antler-shaped picture frame should be in one piece and will provide a space for one napkin pattern (in other words a 1/4 of a napkin). You therefore need a plywood board (0.2 inches thick) and at least 20 inches by 12 inches big. To add to that, a pretty napkin with a Christmas design, a little red, white and black paint and some glue/varnish spray are all you need. And of course, a fret saw.


The frame as drawn before cutting Draw a square that's the same size as the napkin pattern (i.e 6.1 inches, leaving space for a 0.2 inch border), in the bottom left hand corner of a wooden board, adding the width of the border around the frame (1 inch), in other words, a square with approximately 7.8 inch sides, then add a second identical square next to it. Draw a reindeer antler onto a sheet (ok, it's in a cartoon style, you're right). When you are happy with your drawing, transfer it onto the wooden board, above the second square, (apparently it's prettier if you leave a 1 to 1.5 inch margin around the picture). Do this in two places, turning the paper antler around when you transfer the design for the second time. In the end, I chose to round the bottom borders of the frame on one of the squares (when this square is cut out, you'll give the same rounded shape to the other square).

The cutting out stage

The frame after sandpaperingCut the wood following the lines of the drawing and sandpaper the edges of the wood.


Painting and glueingPaint the 'background' of the frame white, so that the napkin design stands out well (rather than being lost in the wood colors). Cut the napkin out into a square shape, separate out the layers of paper and place it, back to front, upon a piece of cardboard. Spray on the glue/varnish spray ( keeping the aerosol about 8 inches away, and covering the entire surface) Wait a few minutes. The advantage of glue/varnish spray over liquid adhesive is that it's an easy way to glue the quarter napkin and the result is smooth, just as it should be. Take the napkin and place it right in the middle of the frame. If you don't get it right, you can unpeel it and stick it back on again easily, this is the other advantage of this type of glue.


Painting the reindeer picture frameThis is the painting stage for the visible parts of the picture frame. Create a brown color mixing the red, a little black and a little white paint. Create slightly different shades of brown for an artistic effect... (lighter brown at the top of the frame and a single, darker shade for the antlers...).
All that's left to do is glue this part of the frame to the other and to fix a hook to the back. And we're off to the North Pole!Reindeer antler picture frame