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Beaded copper ball Christmas ornament craft

Beaded ball Christmas ornamentAn original beaded ball for Christmas decoration or a home ornament with these copper seed beads glue on a ball like a patchwork craft.

Supplies needed

  • a polystyrene ball (can be basecoated before this craft with a paint similar to that of the seed beads)
  • copper and bronze seed beads, nearest size (11/0)
  • transparent glue (for napkin applique)
  • a wire for hanging

First step : place a border

Fix the seed beads with a threadFirst, place a border for different space on the ball (which will be then glue with different seed beads).

For an easy work, fix the ball on a piece of polystyrene (or an aluminum paper rolled into ball) with a wooden toothpick.

If your seed beads are yet threaded on, it is fine. Else, you have to thread simillar seed beads on a nylon thread. Tye a knot before threading, thread on the seed beads and then, tye a final knot.

Use the handicraft glue to paint some curves onto the ball so you create some closed spaces with glue line borders.

Glue on the seed bead thread on these curved lines. Once dry, you can tighten the thread, it was just needed to fix correctly the seed beads.

Second step : fill with beads

glue on seed beads ont he ballGlue on a bordered space (each on after the other) using a paint brush and fill it with simillar seed beads.

Fill with a seed bead thread

fill with a seed bead threadAnother way to fix the seed beads : with a long bead thread making circles until the top of the ball. Great design !

Let it dry. Then, fix the hook for hanging.

Depending on what seed beads you use to decorate it, each ornament ball will be unique...