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Christmas house decorations

Christmas decorations for the whole house... home-made too!
Once the advent calendar has been hung up, it's time for the entire house to be decorated - a process that can last for the whole month of December.
Some people will even take down their paintings and completely redecorate their walls! As far as wall decorations are concerned, others prefer simply to drape colored garlands and tinsel around the picture frames.
Embroiderers will just love recreating the motifs and designs they've done over the past years and will replace their sofa cushion covers with covers embroidered with Christmas-themed designs - and that's not to forget the towels and dishcloths that are brought out specially at this festive time of the year.

Here are a few ideas, a few well-explained craft designs to help you decorate walls, doors and lights... because it's not just the Christmas dining room table that has to have that festive look, but the whole house that has to get into the swing of Christmas things!
Christmas mobile for decorating a lightDecoration for a light with a hanging ''home-made'' mobile and Christmas balls that are all different, albeit painted in similar colors.

Decorating Christmas balls, step-by-step guide to a range of methods
Rhinestone Christmas balls
Illuminated Christmas garland with decopatch designsHow to make a colorful, illuminated Christmas garland

Painting a canvas in a 'home decoration' style on the theme of a snowy Christmas
Christmas home decoration
natural Christmas wreath For a natural-look Christmas, here's a welcome wreath made from natural materials that will set the ''tone'' for your Christmas in more ways than one...

along with a scented garland you can hang up so that the house is filled with Christmassy smells
Scented Christmas garland
miniature decorated wooden fir treesMiniature wooden fir trees decorated using various methods, described in step-by-step instructions

Designs for a Nativity Scene, made from natural clay or self-hardening clay models
 items in clay for the nativity scene
Fabric Christmas ballThis is for everyone who likes fabrics and embroidery needles - a patchwork-style Christmas ball...
...and matching Christmas-themed designs to be embroidered on felt
felt decoration for the home
home-made Christmas pictureThese 'naïve style' pictures can be hung on the wall and for decorative purposes right throughout the house,

an advent calendar in the shape of a window garland
Advent calendar for the window

This is an idea to decorate a large wall space in a house: a Christmas card garland... from which you can hang the Christmas cards you've received, cards made by the children, little festive drawings and Christmas coloring pages you've completed.
Christmas card garland