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A real teenager's card, step by step

Send a card you've made yourself - you can be sure the person who gets it will appreciate the thought. Obviously, the card has to be designed with the event and recipient in mind.

Here's a design for a card for teenagers, in bright colors, the way they like it! The card is "dressed" in strips of card in contrasting colors and with wavy borders for a quirky feel!

There's even an insert on the inside!
Scrapbooking style card

Be careful to keep the scraps from each stage, they're used at the end!

Step 1
teenagers' card Make the base of the card from cardstock, in this case orange.
Then cut out strips a third to a half inch wide from another cardstock (here in bright yellow). This cardstock should be a little taller than the first card. Cut the strips using a guillotine that lets you make this 'wave' cut.
Stick these strips at evenly spaced intervals on the front of the card. Trim any overlap at the top and bottom.
Cut out a heart-shaped window either by drawing and then cutting out with a craft knife, or (as we did here), a template and Fiskars R Shape Cutter swivel knife (making adjustments for different thicknesses).
Step 2
scrapbooking style card

On a third (red) cardstock, cut out the same size of heart as in step 1.Then, using another template, cut out a heart of smaller size, leaving you with a heart-shaped frame to fit around the window.
Step 3
scrapbooking card

For the inside of the card, prepare a pale yellow cardstock sheet by cutting out a small heart-shaped hole (to see the orange color behind) and wavy borders along three of its sides. Then paste it in.
Step 4
teenagers card

Scrapbooking style card
A surprise awaits inside the card
Paste together the heart-shape left over from step 1 and a heart-shape of the same size from step 2, but inserting first between them a thin strip of card with the end folded.
The end of this thin strip will be pasted to the back of the card and hidden by a little cut-out in card
On one side of the heart (the other side being the 'wavy' side) paste the smaller heart cut out during step 3. Scrapbooking style card teenage card-making
Step 5
Scrapbooking style card

To balance out the front of the card, paste three hearts in the three different colors used on top of the other (leaving a little space between each).