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Cards made with napkins, '3D' effect

Step by step, we'll show you how to create a '3D' effect invitation card using napkins and spray adhesive e.g Odif 202, specially designed for this purpose.
You will need :

3D card using napkins

Card sticking and cutting, step 1 Step 1

Cut a napkin in four parts. Take one part and separate the layers till you're left with just the upper layer.
napkin collage step 2 Step 2

Place the napkin face down against a clean card surface. Spray the reverse side with the adhesive from a distance of about 8 inches.

Wait a minute for the spray to start working.
card step 3 Step 3
Place the napkin on some cardstock of the same height but double the width of the napkin. Position the napkin on the right hand side of the cardstock so that it will act as the front cover of the card.
If the napkin is badly positioned, you can easily peel it off and start again :
that's the real advantage of adhesive spray.With a clean dustcloth, dab the surface to remove folds and ensure a good hold.
cutting out card step 4 Step 4

Cut off the bottom and top sides of the card with scissors (or a guillotine if you have one.)

making a card step 5 Step 5

Fold the card in two along its width.

card cutting step 6 Step 6

Cut out, ideally using paper shapers, the right hand side of the card's front cover, so some of the inside of the card is visible.

making a 3D card, step 7 Step 7

Stick the upper layer of a quarter of a napkin (identical to the quarter previously used) on some cardstock, as in steps 1 to 3.
Carefully cut out a few of the individual details from the napkin (easy when the napkin is glued to a stiff surface).
'3D' effect card Step 8

On the back of each cut-out detail, glue a little rectangle of thick cardstock.
Then stick each of these cut-outs in turn on the exact place on the card where their design appears.
And there you have your 3D card!