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scrapbookingThe technique of embossing

Also called bossing, this technique will let you create raised designs on paper.

Embossing on thin paper Photo
Embossing on cardstock

The technique of "embossing" consists of pressing an area of paper marked out by a template. Embossing is therefore always worked from the inside-out.
A vital tool : The embossing tool. A double ended tool, the finer end is used for the outline.
The embossing tool
Useful materials : Stencils in card or plastic. The important thing is a good thickness allowing the raising of the design. You may make your own stencils or use those designed for painting. You can also buy embossing 'light tables' which supply pre-positioned motifs and a light source that helps you 'see through' to your motif.

The motifs to be embossed naturally relate to your chosen scrapbooking theme (Snow flakes for skiing vacations, bubbles for swimming) or your greetings card subject.
Talking of greetings cards, wedding invitations etc, embossing works well with these because the small area of card worked on means the end effect is the more obvious.

Here's a scrapbooking idea : a personalized card
embossing a greetings card