Arts'n crafts ideas (Full version)

Invitation cards in recycled material

For a teen's birthday, a special evening, here's an idea for an invitation card ... without the card!
We're going to use recycled CDs for our cards, which will then be mailed or handed out to the party guests.

You will need
- old CDs (either music Cds or CD-Roms),
- CD marker pens,
- stickers,
- 3D paint,
- scoubidous/boondoggles.
Invitation made from a recycled CD
Writing on the CDThe idea is to write the invitation on the CD's playing side, whilst the other side may be covered with a glued-on piece of colored cardstock that has been cut out to the same size as the CD. In order to write on a CD, you can use special marker pens that use ink that holds fast to the laminated surface. You can then go to work on the decoration, using stickers and mini-stickers. Make a loop from a scoubidou from which you can hang the CD, just like a mini-hand bag.

3D invitation on CD

Invitation on CD and writing in 3D paintUsing the same recycled material, you can make invitations from arts and craft materials such as 3D paint applied using an applicator nozzle.. Here we've created a perfect blend of colors with little bottles of Diam's White, Gold and bronze paint.