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Salt Dough

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Salt dough often discovered by parents for their children, this craft activity is ideal for kids, even very young ones, since the material in question is natural, doesn't dirty and can be re-used.
Equally, it can be a fascinating activity for adults as they can also embark on more complicated projects.

So here's Mom's advice : Discover salt dough modelling with the kids, then take a quiet moment to try it out yourself. You'll see how quickly you'll be hooked !

Salt dough in brief in 5 steps :
1. In a few minutes, your clay will be ready for modeling : the recipe for salt dough is extremely simple.
2. Model using kitchen implements, kids' modeling some salt dough hints
3. Baking can be done in your kitchen oven (at very low heat).
4. Painting : with acrylic or watercolors.
5. The last step involves varnishing.
It's unfortunately necessary to protect against the dampness that is so damaging to clay.

Take a look to this step-by-step model :