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Models of figurine faces in salt dough

Figurines like these are a clasic salt dough product. Add on petticoats, skirts, even animals like mice and geese, let your imagination run a little! With the younger ladies, there's always the problem of the face and the eyes. Here are some examples to help you out...
Salt dough figurine Mark the eyes with a hole and paint eyebrows on with a needle.

It's the eyebrows that make the difference with this little witch.
Salt dough figurine
Salt dough figurine
With this salt dough doll, no details are created by modeling : the large eyes, the nose and the mouth are all painted with a paint brush.
Salt dough doll

The flesh tones you need are difficult to produce : I advise buying a bottle or tube of pale pink (in addition to the primary colors and a large tube of white). To get the desired color, mix a little pink and a touch of yellow with white.
The traditional clown... Salt dough clown

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