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How to paint salt dough ?

Salt dough is a material that absorbs paint and so is easy to paint. Acrylic paint (for wood or fabric) is ideal. (Avoid gouache, it can crack).
One of the joys of painting is to choose a range of colors and see them match perfectly!
By 'stretching' the colors, (keeping the paintbrush fairly damp), a more natural look is possible, where the colors and contours come together seamlessly.Using two (or more) complementary colors, gives you more original results. The first color must be dry before the application of the second, which will otherwise simply remove the first layer.
This can give a 'lasured' (multi-layered) effect to an item of furniture (using a second, thin layer of a darker color) or on silk materials, (with a second golden layer). [ photo Photo]
[ photo Photo] As for paintbrushes, you will need a wide range, especially at least one very fine brush.
The width of this jar is equal to your little finger !
Varnishing is not the most satisfying of activities - the best part is that it means we're nearly finished our model. However, it's crucial to protect against dust and dampness. Two to three layers on both sides may be needed, using a mat or gloss wood varnish, according to the look you want. For practicality, spraying is the easiest solution.