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Halloween candle jars

Halloween decoration : candle jar A candle jar made by Loïc at the age of 6
(thanks Marie!)

Material :
- a sheet of black paper,
- transparent orange paper
- a small jar in glass (e.g babyfood size),
- a tea light
Useful to know! Colored transparent paper can be found easily, even in your local supermarket, and is sold by the pack (it usually includes at least one sheet of thick black paper).

Cut the black sheet lengthways, then fold in three, making a three-faced light shade.
Draw a pumpkin shape on each face, then cut it out.
A piece of the transparent paper is glued in to cover the windows. Cut the paper to have a half-inch overlap in relation to the pumpkin window - so there's space for glueing.
Draw a design in black felt-tip on each window...on a Halloween theme, naturally...
Position the light shade before the candle (which should be well out of harm's way in the glass jar).

Bat candle jar, also made by Loïc at the age of six.

Halloween decoration : candle jar

Material :
- a sheet of black paper,
- flexible wire,
- red or orange paint,
- a glass jar,
- a tea light
Halloween decoration : candle jar
This time, the candle jar is clearly visible and therefore needs to be painted. Using window paint will allow light to pass through the jar. If you have none, acrylic paint will do.
Trace the outline of a bat head and Wings on the black paper. (Funny how kids always seem to know exactly how a bat should look!)
Cut out the shapes and fix the head and wings using the wire, which should be flexible but not sharp (for young children's hands). Lastly, make a handle, seeing as kids like to carry their creations about with them (when unlit, of course).
A salt dough candle jar Halloween decoration : candle jar

Find the instructions for this candle jar (made by myself), on the page Halloween crafts in PateaselenProvence...