Arts'n crafts ideas (Full version)

Easter decoration and arts and craft designs

Ideas for new decorations to make with the kids, hand-made designs that you'll love making and love bringing out again each Easter, craft designs that kids, even the very young, will enjoy making themselves...
Our decorations are, wherever possible, made from natural materials ,wood, cardboard, felt, wool and of course, eggs!
Easter hen craft design made from felt A cute little Easter hen who keeps her colorful eggs nice and warm, as well as her feet, thanks to these big, stripey and very stylish socks! Easter's napkin
Fabric hen pictureA fabric and felt picture with a hens and eggs theme, placed in a matching patchwork fabric picture frame.Easter card
Shimmering-effect Easter eggPhoto A gleaming Easter egg creating a multi-colored, shimmering effect... Step-by-step instructions
Easter templates and stencilsHere are some special Easter-themed templates and coloring pages
Templates for older children's craft designs and coloring-craft activities for the very young

Making plaster of paris eggs

It's really easy: just fill a balloon with quick-setting plaster of paris, then hang it up. Once it's dry, remove the ballon and you have an egg shape. A little sandpapering may be needed to make the pointed part of the egg less pronounced.Decorating an Easter egg

Looking for Easter gifts?

Easter decoration gift Here are some gift ideas for Easter to explore in theAtelier bois (Wood workshop) :
Easter-style wooden jigsaw puzzles for giving as a gift or for painting yourself as a decoration: wooden shapes, jigsaw puzzles, napkin rings...

How about if we decorated real eggs as well?

The natural, traditional egg-decorating method is to dye the eggs after they have been boiled, so you can then enjoy a colorful (and very edible) egg during your Easter meal! Boiling the egg in a mix of water and beetroot juice will add vibrant color to your Easter eggs. Also worth trying: curry powder (for yellow eggs), a few drops of soy sauce (gives a brown color)... For an even more original approach, there are marbled eggs : all you have to do is wrap the eggs in wide strips of red onion skin before cooking (tying it fast with food-grade string). Then, boil the eggs: when they come out of the water, the eggs have taken on red-brown marbled look. You may also simply tie string around the eggs before boiling them to obtain an original striped effect. Marbled eggs, done to a T!

Baby chick craft design

Wooden chick basket decorative designAn Easter chick basket craft design created by Moryan décoration : hidden behind the chick is a basket waiting to be filled with chocolate eggs when the big day comes, and with pens the rest of the year!

Bunny box

[ photoEaster bunny box ] Easter bunny box to decorate and fill with chocolate eggs.. Store " Wooden objects", items in unfinished wood to paintEaster egg decoration