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Halloween decoration

Thanks to Marie-Pierre for this idea for a Halloween decoration that's especially creepy. Of course, Loïc loved it. Now it hangs on my chimney, surprising (if not more) all my visitors.

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We present you therefore...Frankenstein, (a quite friendly looking one) with the added feature of being able to open his head up...and look inside...

Ready-colored version Halloween decoration : Frankenstein Halloween decoration : Frankenstein to color in Ready for coloring.

Loïc prefered to do the coloring
himself and personalize his own Frankenstein
Click for a larger format
1 - print out onto calling card material or Bristol board, then cut.

Cut up some whisky bottle packaging (it's stronger) or a plastic bottle.

Cover with black crepe paper, making sure the packaging or bottle can be opened at the level of the scar.

Paste or staple the lower half of the face to the lower half of the bottle. Then fix the forehead part to the upper half of the bottle.

Make up a big ball of absorbent cotton. Wrap string loosely round it (to make the channels for the brain).

Run your finger over an old toothbrush dipped in red paint to spray color on the surfaces. Here and there make darker stains and leave to dry.

Put some sand or dirt in the bottle to stop it from falling over.

Place the cotton ball on top of the bottle without pushing down too much - at least half should be sticking out so it looks really disgusting!

And there you have a magnificent Halloween decoration to set on your table...