Arts'n crafts ideas (Full version)

Arts and craft design for Mothering Sunday

Arts and craft design ideas for kids and teens so they can give mom a gift they've made themselves... Decorative, stylish gifts that can be made with new craft materials.
Mothering Sunday giftMother's Day gift Door sign to personalize in the favorite colors of the mom in question, a gift to make yourself, made special by the way in which it combines different materials. Craft techniques: painting, glueing. Materials: cardboard base, felt, mini mosaics, paper napkin, plastic buttons, lace ribbon...
mothering sunday giftmother's day gift Jewelry boxes decorated in 3 different styles, so that there's something with which to spoil every mom! Craft techniques: painting, glueing rhinestones. Materials: wooden boxes, casket in unfinished wood
Little Mothering Sunday giftmother's day gift Little gifts for kids to give, made using the Decopatch collage technique, like this oriental hand mirror.Craft techniques:Paper collage. materials: cardboard, polystyrene >> Detailed instructions Little gifts made using the technique of collage
mother's day gift Wooden bookmarks, to make sure you don't lose your place in your latest bedtime reading or cookbook recipe ... This easy and imaginative design is based around model shapes from L'Atelier bois (The wood workshop). Bookmark craft design gift
Mothering Sunday gift Colorful coasters are a practical gift that will add a touch of class to mom's table!
You will need: - cardboard coasters with a space for the mosaic tiles, - acrylic paint - a protective varnish -  acrylic mini-mosaic tiles (in 0.4 inch or even 0.2 inch squares) - white glue Craft design gift for Mothering Sunday: coasters
Craft designs painted by kidsStart by painting the coasters with the acrylic paint. Once the paint has dried, get an adult to spray on the varnish that will protect the paint.
Once the varnish is dry, the child may apply glue to part of the coaster and start putting the mini mosaic tiles into place. A teenager may use mosaic tiles that are twice as small (0.2 inches) to create a more elegant design (photo on right, creating a matt/clear zesty, candy color effect).  Mosaic tiles for Mothering Sunday
Kids' craft design for Mothering Sunday For the little ones, here's a craft design gift made out of Hama beads
Heart' gift for moms A handful of colored Hama beads and a pegboard: let the craftmaking begin! Simply place the beads on a pegboard, either in a random pattern (and at the age of 2, that's not always easy) or in a pattern. It's possible just to create the outline of the pattern but the design will be more fragile in this case.
Now, it's the adults turn to get down to work by placing a sheet of wax/parchment paper onto the bead-covered pegboard and running a hot iron over it: the plastic beads will melt slightly and fuse together. Once the beads on one side have fused together, turn over the design to remove it from the pegboard (be careful, the plastic will still be quite hot) and put the wax/parchment paper back onto the beads to iron the other side of the bead design. Once it's cooled down, the design is pretty solid.

heart for Mothering Sunday Hama beads craft design Photo
A card is always much appreciated on Mothering Sunday, see more details of how kids can make cards - scrapbooking style...