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Trompe l'oeil painting

Discover Marie-Pierre's trompe l'oeil paintings here. Also find her superb salt dough creations on display in her "Nativity scene in salt dough" gallery.

The sea at the end of the corridor (interior)
trompe l'oeil wall painting « trompe l'oeil painting in acrylic
Many of you will be familiar with manufactured housing and their inside design, often with rooms running off a long corridor. As this corridor can be quite dark, I wanted to give it some more depth.

The sea and sky I did with an airbrush, the plants with a paintbrush. To give a little more depth to the landscape, false French windows have been added.

Two problems had to be tackled in this project:
- Hiding an ugly electric switch.
- Placing the window cross-frames in perspective so the window seems to be half-open.

Thanks to all those who helped me complete this trompe l'oeil.»

False door (outside)
trompe l'oeil painting « trompe l'oeil painting in acrylic
While we waited for a real door to be fitted, this trompe l'oeil was painted on a panel of chipboard.
The acrylic paint was applied using a paintbrush. To liven up the panel, the books and the vase of flowers were cut out in paper, then stuck, because I find painting on wood difficult. Finally everything was varnished three times with a marine varnish.

Unfortunately, moonlight highlights the colors of this painting better than the sun, so today the books, flowers and vase are all a little gray...however, the painting is still there.

Purists will say that the brick work isn't properly lined up, and they're right, but I only noticed when I had finished, the false door was in place and I could view everything from a distance. »


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