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Repositionable glass painting

Painting on windows (often called windows color) is an activity (like salt dough) to discover some wet Wednesday afternoon with the kids, but which can quickly hook adults alike. You quickly discover that more than just windows can be decorated. The hallway mirror can look forward to being spruced up, vases and glasware in the living room, glass-fronted furniture in the kitchen, the tiling in the washroom : all can be decorated to further personalize your home. The big advantage is that when you're tired of this look, you can take it off.

Technique for glass painting windows color glass painting 1. Find a pretty design to reproduce : kids' colorings are ideal because the designs are simple.
2. Place the sheet on which the design is printed inside a plastic sleeve (for re-use).
3. Directly apply the outliner with the nozzle of the bottle. If you've just bought a glass painting kit, one of the bottles (usually black), is the outliner, not to be confused with the bottle of black paint.

The outliner must be even and follow the design outline all the way round.
For young children (up to 6 years) and the elderly, this stage is difficult. The bottles are often too rigid, and must therefore be pressed hard, but using an even pressure for an even flow of outliner, all the time following the outline of the design. Then you have to let dry for an hour. If working with kids, it may be helpful for the adult to do this stage themselves beforehand.
4. The coloring in is also done directly from the bottle nozzle. An even layer of color must be laid down. The paint should touch the outliner without covering it entirely: on drying, some shrinking can occur. It's important there's no gap between the outliner and the paint, in order to prevent damage to the design.
You can mix colors too! But beware, certain colors will change in tone when dry: for example, red appears bright pink in its bottle...equally, any color created by mixing these paints may well turn out different when dry to the color desired!
How to mix colors
- either pour a little of each color on a plastic sleeve, mix and load your paintbrush.
- or, put the colors directly onto the place where you want to paint and mix them with a toothpick.

5. When completely dry (at least 12 hours later), gently take the drawing from the plastic sleeve and place it on a window pane, an object in glass, a mirror, a tile...
6. To store your windows color design, place it in a plastic sleeve and store flat. At Christmas time, for example, now you'll be able to decorate the whole house and reuse these decorations next year.

Useful to know! You can obtain 'nozzle-reducers' that screw on to bottles of outliner or paint for a finer outline.

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