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Stickers and cover design for an exercise book

Aspiral-bound exercise book with a hard cover may be decorated all over with a little paint and a collage design. how to customize an exercise book

Equipment & supplies needed

  • A spiral-bound hard cover exercise book or notebook
  • black and white acrylic paint
  • "Cool chick" and "Disco Diva" Magic Motifs
  • Pastel-colored flocking fiber/flock (pink, yellow and parma)
  • Rolls of crepe-look Rainbow Tape in yellow, orange and violet (a thinner roll for violet)
  • Gold stars, yellow and dark purple paper

Making the design

Glued on and painted designs for an exercise bookStep 1 Paint the hard cover a light gray (a mix of a little black and a lot of white) applying two coats, including to the spiral binding.
Glued-on designs for an exercise book Step 2 Stick strips of Rainbow tape to the right-hand and bottom borders of the book, letting them overlap so as to fold them back behind the book cover.
glued-on designs for an exercise book
Step 3 Decorate using the Magic Motifs. The designs are applied simply by placing them (first remove the protective film) wherever you want, then rubbing hard on the transparent film to make the design stick properly to the exercise book.
glued-on designs for an exercise book
Next, take off this film and rub the design with a sheet of flock/flocking fiber in the color of your choice: the fiber will remain stuck to the design, completely covering it.
glued-on designs for an exercise book
To accentuate the 'scrapbooking' look even more, cut out a circle in the glossy purple paper (by making a cut from one of the edges), and glue on another, smaller circle in yellow paper. Next , decorate with a Magic motif heart. Finally, add a few gold stars.