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Kids' crafts

This sections comes to you with the help of two big handicrafts fans : Loïc and Titouan.
Loïc's only seven year's old but he's been doing crafwork since he was five.
When did it all start?'s hard to say, but seeing his mom having fun with salt dough, collages and painting must have had some effect...
What Loïc really likes is cardboard though, and figuring out ways for opening, closing, turning and putting things back together again... Kids craft activity
Handcrafts for children His younger brother, Titouan, was lucky enough to have a kindergarten teacher who recognized the importance of teaching crafts to kids. Here we're going to show off some of his work, with the permission of his teacher Patricia, of course!

This section "Children's activity."is presented by the whole family, which is the way it should be for kids' activities!

You too, kids you can get involved by sending us photos of what you've made, along with a few instructions on how you made them. We'll put some of them up on this site. Loïc will be pleased to try out some new ideas!

Depending on the materials being used, an adult will need to keep a watch on things. We always try to make our activities as safe as possible, for example, by using a bowl rather than a compass to draw a circle...)



Making homemade stickers...
kids crafts