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NewSoccer strip painting activity

Maybe it's the approach of the soccer World Cup, that's bringing soccer fever to's up to you to choose your favorite team - and your favorite team strip!
Loïc had another idea : create his own soccer strip with its own design!
True fans will recognize the original strips that have inspired these new creations...

You need : soccer strip painting on t-shirt

We tested two types of paint, most important was to eliminate the need for brushes...
'3D' painting
Felt tip pen for fabrics

+ If you're not happy with the design, rinse the t-shirt in water and the paint disappears.
+ Moreover, these paint bottles can be also used in scrapbooking, working on paper napkins etc...
+ After ironing, the strip washes perfectly at 86 fahrenheit and can be tumble dried too.
- It's not easy for the kids to get an even flow from the bottle !
+ Make it easier to draw and color (by using rulers, wooden shapes etc...)
- Hand washing is recommanded, even though it's less practical for moms!

1st step
With a drawing pencil, draw the designs to be painted, on the t-shirt. It's highly recommended to try the designs out on a piece of paper beforehand !

2nd step
Place the t-shirt in a carton to protect the other side from getting paint on it.
Paint the designs.Back of soccer strip Use stencils (taken from the toy box - letters or numbers in wood, flat shapes etc) for any curves.

As soon as the back is dry to the touch, personalize by placing your favorite number, or even your given name (but not your surname) on the shirt.
soccer strip

3rd step
Leave to dry flat for 24 hours (even 72 hours for certain bits) That next soccer match will just have to wait a bit longer!

4th step
The colors are normally fixed by ironing, sometimes in the oven or the dryer - read the instructions on the paint. Iron from the inside of the shirt.
You need about 5 minutes to fix the colors by iron (set on cotton, no steam). Five minutes each design may seem long, but otherwise the colors will fade with washing...
The crucial detail : repeat the logo on the sleeve! Soccer strip logo If it's cycling that interests you most, then it's a cyclist's strip that's to be personalized ! painting a cyclist's strip
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