Arts'n crafts ideas (Full version)

Glass ladybug decorative design

Designs based on painted glass ladybugs: making place cards and fridge magnets based on this theme.Glass ladybug place card

Materials for ladybug place cards

porcelain knife rest,   glass cabochons,  special adhesive for glass and porcelain, cold-applied or thermosetting enamel paint,  ''multi-surface marker" for writing on glass or porcelain


Paint the glass cabochon using the special paint: either in one color, or draw on the ladybug design with outliner. Glue the cabochon onto the knife rest using the glue designed for that purpose. Then turn it into a place card by writing a guest's name on with a  "special multi-surface" gold marker, and place it on a plate or table napkin, wherever you're having your special meal.

Materials for Ladybug fridge magnets

flattened glass 'pebbles',  fridge magnets,  special UV glass adhesive, cold-applied or thermosetting paint for glass

Decorated glass 'pebble'

Paint on whatever design you wish: a ladybug, butterfly, gold star...You may use an outliner to make the design stand out. If you are using cold-applied paint, you may apply a protective coat of varnish. for paint that is hardened by baking, check the users' guide for the product in question (temperature, cooking time...)

Glueing on the magnet

Using the special adhesive for glass, apply adhesive to the non-magnetic side of the magnet and hold it tight against the glass pebble for a few seconds until it's stuck fast. For non-UV glues, you don't need light to make it hold. If using glues like Bostik, which needs UV light to cure (harden), you have to hold the items together for a few seconds in the sunlight.