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frosted glass-look angel tea light holder

here's a selection of frosted glass look tea light holders decorated with day-dreaming angels. This design combines the paper napkin applique technique and painting on glass. Angel tea light holders

materials needed

Materials for this painting/paper napkin applique technique decorationFor each tea light holder :
a glass,
paper napkin designs
transparent glue/varnish
special frosted glass effect paint
special gold paint for glass
an organza ribbon.

Set the paper napkin design in position

paper napkin applique technique on glassCut out your chosen design, keeping only one layer of the napkin. Place the design into position on the glass, using your fingers, and apply two coats of transparent varnish on top, waiting 10 minutes between coats. This will glue the design on and protect it as well.

Decorating the glass

Once the paper napkin design has been glued on, leave to dry for one hour. Then paint the inside of the glass with the special frosted look paint for glass, using a wide paintbrush e.g number 8. The top and bottom of the glass are painted using a sponge and the special gold paint for glass.

Tie the ribbons

Home-made tea light holdersCut a suitably-sized piece of organza ribbon in a matching color and tie it around the bottom of the glass. This gives you an angelic tea light holder that will give off a gentle light!