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Easter eggs, ribbons and sequins decoration

Here's how to make a colorful, stylish Easter egg from a polystyrene egg-shape, glitter (or sequins) and some short lengths of ribbon. Decorating with sequins is easy: You just have to thread a sequin onto a pin, then thrust the pin into the polystyrene shape. Continue like this, setting the new sequins right next to the sequins already set in place, so that no white spaces are visible. Easter egg
You will need lots of patience because this takes some time. That's why we had the idea ofbringing ribbons into the equation as these ribbons will cover some of the surface area. The contrasting colors and materials of the ribbons and sequins makes for a fine decorative effect, which is further heightened by the geometrical effect created by the rows.
Time required : about 2 hours Materials :
  • a polystyrene egg
  • multi-colored sequins
  • pins (special short pins are designed for being used with sequins)
  • short pieces of ribbon (the ribbons we use are scrapbooking-type ribbons. These ribbons are crimped, meaning that their striped design is raised)
  • a roll of orange crepe-look Rainbow Tape™

Step 1

Decorated eggPlace a yellow ribbon about half-way up the egg, all the way round: it is held in place by 2 pins, upon each of which a single sequin has been slipped on. Next, place a length of adhesive orange tape above and also below this first ribbon.

Step 2

easter eggPlace rows of sequins along the dividing lines between the different ribbons.

Step 3

The third step towards making your egg A piece of green ribbon is set vertically in place, held by 2 sequins. A piece of yellow ribbon is placed diagonally, its ends having been cut into a triangular point.

Step 4

Covered with sequinsThe space between the yellow and orange ribbons is covered over by 2 rows of sequins.

Step 5

The decoration progresses A red ribbon is placed at right angles to the green and yellow ribbons. Sequins are placed along the edges of these ribbons and in the spaces marked off by the ribbons. The same is done for the other side of the upper half of the egg.

Step 6

The bottom of the eggWe place a first piece of yellow ribbon diagonally over the bottom part of the egg (the end of the ribbon is cut slantwise) and hold it in place with sequins.

Step 7

The finished egg We now place another piece of yellow ribbon upon the other diagonal line, vertically straight in relation to the orange ribbon, adding sequins to the edges of the ribbons, then to the remaining empty areas.