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little decopatch mothering sunday gifts

Here we'll show you how to make little Mothering Sunday gifts for mom - the easy way - using the Decopatch paper collage technique. This paper is available in a whole range of different-colored patterns and can be torn into smallish pieces before being glued to an object so as to cover it entirely. Adults using this technique can obtain very pretty decorative results, but it also gives children of the age of 7 or 8 the chance to create an original and long-lasting design. These craft designs are inexpensive and can be used in schools, being the perfect opportunity for teachers to let children to make their mom a little gift, created with tender, loving care.Decorative Decopatch teddy bear


Oriental-style mirror to decorate At least 2 sheets of Decopatch paper to create a contrast between two different colors, - Paperpatch glossy glue/varnish: this being the safest bet, the easiest to position, it also means you can make objects designed to contain foodstuffs (snack serving dish...). - a flat, flexible paintbrush  - paint, if the object is dark-colored. - an object to be given the Decopatch treatment: an animal made from polystyrene, like the teddy bear above, or an object with a hard cover, a cardboard or wooden box.

A hand mirror for mom

Paint the mirror beforehandHere's a really feminine gift to offer mom on her special day... This oriental-style mirror is made from cardboard. As its dark coloring risks making the colors of the sheets of Decopatch seem duller, it's best to quickly paint it first with the main color in the design.
The collage technique is easy: with the flat paintbrush, apply a coat of glossy glue/varnish upon the surface of the object (do this in a gradual fashion). Then tear off pieces of the paper. Set one piece in position, then move the paintbrush, loaded with glue, from the center towards the outside in order to avoid creating any wrinkles. Add another piece of paper, covering part of the edges of the last piece, and continue like this... The pieces of paper beside the mirror's edge are folded over to the other side of the mirror. The second side can be done as soon as the first side has dried (which doesn't take long and means you can finish off the design). For the back of the mirror, you may place a large pattern or design right in the middle: kids will especially appreciate this time-saving measure!Decopatch collage technique
A gift for mom: an oriental hand mirror

As soon as the mirror is finished, you should cover it with glossy glue/varnish over the entire decorated area to protect it and improve its appearance. If the mirror has been dirtied in this process, just scrape off the excess glue.
The mirror can now be decorated with rhinestones and arabesques drawn on directly with the nozzle of a bottle of 3D/puff paint, which will give even more of an eastern flavor to the design.

Does she like this oriental style?
Here's another craft activity, make her an oriental wall mirror,
in easy-to-make mosaic: here we've several kits to discover!
[ photooriental mirror made from mosaic ] [ photobaroque mirror made from mosaic ]

More Decopatch gift ideas

Pink Decopatch catThis lovely little cat is made from polystyrene (like the teddy bear above). After it's been covered in Decopatch, it's given a set of moveable eyes, a pom pon nose and a ribbon for a scarf. (Made by Titouan, 7, in second grade).
Table napkin holderDecorate the outside of a wooden paper table napkin holder using 3 different sheets of Decopatch. The inside of the holder is painted in a matching, bright color and smudged with a little white paint, using a cloth.Napkin holder gift
Decorated clothes hangerHere's another gift idea for something to make for mom: a beautifully decorated clothes hanger. Paint the unfinished wood clothes hanger (one side should be darker than the other), then decorate it, either using Decopatch or sticking on paper napkin designs that have been cut out using scissors (using just the first napkin layer, the technique of collage being the same as that used in Decopatch). Remember to stick the paper napkin on gently to avoid tearing it, as it is less strong than Decopatch paper.