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Technique for tying a transom knot

This amazing knot is used to lash cross-shaped structures together

This knot is perfect for lashing together a series of light objects, for example, when making a garden trellis. It is very easy to tie and can be done in a few seconds.

How it's done

Above all, note that the vertical bar is placed BEHIND the horizontal bar.

Starting from the lower right-hand corner, the strand goes up towards the left, passes behind the vertical bar (dotted line), descends towards the left, passes behind the vertical bar, then back OVER itself then UNDER the cross formed at the center of the design.
As you can see in the sketch, you need to ensure that the cross rests on the convex part of the horizontal bar. Secure by pulling very tightly on the two ends of the rope at the same time.

For an outdoors use, use synthetic thread/cord, which will keep its weather-resistant properties for years.