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A knot for a Chinese knotwork design

A beautiful - and original - design

This one-dimensional knot is somewhat more complex than the ''Chinese flat knot necklace” (see Instructions page) but should pose no particular ptoblems.

It may be tied with one or two strands.

Decorative Chinese flat knot
knot diagram
Let's start off with the two strand version.

The first strand is laid out like this: an overhand knot that you will arrange as seen on the sketch.

diagram showing a flat knot made from 2 strands
The second strand, COMING FROM THE TOP RIGHT CORNER, passes through the first strand, under, then over twice, then under again.

After this, the strand, here shown as a thin black line, creates the design as you see it here.
(Note that the second strand, just like the first, is merely an overhand knot: this design is a combination of two overhand knots, the trick lies in how you intertwine them.)

Adjust the design in line with how closely interlaced together you want the design to be.

You could cut off the four ends of the strands and sew them upon a jacket as a fashion statement, mimicking the decorative cords once worn on military uniforms.

Technique for tying a flat knot with one strandThis knot may also be made with just one strand.
In this case, IT IS VITAL to begin from the bottom.
Let's start with the strand on the left at the bottom.

Once the overhand knot is in position, the strand end is now at the top on the left-hand side: make this strand follow the dotted line and tie the knot.

Cut the strand's two ends an inch or so below the design.