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a great value portfolio

My passion: paper

I love paper, with its range of different textures, its designs, its smell... I use it on a raft of different items: furniture, boxes, other objects... I've also got a lot of it, in lots of different shapes and sizes and kinds. I used to store them in rolls. When I wanted to use them over a large area, it wasn't easy to work with because the paper kept curling up over itself. So I decided to buy a big portfolio. Then I saw the prices in the art supplies stores and I thought again. I decided to make my own portfolio. In the end, I'm really pleased with it and it keeps all my papers nice and flat...

The technique

Recycling a cardboard boxI found a big cardboard box and cut it into the size I wanted. I strengthened the corners and folds with strong adhesive tape so that it was able to stay upright without any support.
Drawings portfolio tie fasteningUsing cotton yarn, I made 4 ties with which to close the portfolio. I stapled them to the box and covered them with tape.
Work in progressThat's the bottom of the portfolio finished.

All that's left is to decorate it...

Naturally, using paper. For the outer covers, I used Paperpatch glossy glue/varnish because it glues and varnishes at the same time, therefore strengthening the cardboard even more. On the inside, I used wallpaper paste, which is cheaper than the Decopatch glue. The disadvantages are that it takes much longer to dry, the surface that's pasted really absorbs a lot of glue, the paper isn't as rigid/doesn't have the same stretch ne se tend pas as when you use Paperpatch glue, and there are lots of wrinkles.

Here's the finished portfolio

I'll let you judge the finished product for yourself... Portfolio for drawings