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How to make a laminated Napkin Card


A roll of polyethylene plastic wrap.  'Marbled-effect' glue/varnish spray  (which will be used to glue the napkin to the surface of the item being covered) A pair of scissors A triangle A lead pencil and an eraser A sitck or tube of glue A roll of baking paper A craft knife Thick white card A paper napkin Self-healing cutting mat

The cutting-out stage

Cut out a card in whatever size you want from a piece of white card. Choose a paper napkin (with a striped or other pattern...) Cut the napkin to the shape of the card. Remove the two non-printed (white) layers to retain just the printed sheet.

The glueing stage

Apply glue to the back of  your paper napkin pattern with the glue/varnish spray, wait for a minute. Glue the napkin pattern to the card (smooth side) Fix the pattern using the two white layers of napkin like a kind of small cloth with which you apply a gentle pressure on the design. Cut off the excess napkin with the scissors

The transfer stage

Next, I stuck a piece of colored light cardboard onto the white card. Prepare your iron and ironing table. Once your iron is ready, plug it in and turn it to the "Wool" (medium heat) setting, do not use steam. Prepare a sheet of baking paper, a length of plastic wrap and the card to which the napkin applique technique has been applied. Place the plastic wrap on the card

Bringing the finishing touches to the card

Place the baking paper on the card. Iron it, pressing down hard on the card with the iron for several seconds. Wait a minute and carefully peel off the sheet of baking paper. Cut all the way round the card and remove the excess plastic wrap. Your card is finished and will feel smooth to the touch.