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home decoration

There's no need to know how to draw in order to be able to paint these canvases: using a few simple techniques and some tools and supplies,  we can all create unique, very stylish paintings, and above all, turn these wall-mounted decorations into an integral part of our home's interior design. Home Decoration blends materials and 3D effects thanks to easy painting techniques, glueing and motifs inserted into the design.
Home decoration painting technique The Home Decoration style was launched by Pébéo ® with specially-designed paint sets featuring matching shades of paint. You may also make use of  tubes of Pébéo Touch 3D/puff paint, which is directly applied from the applicator nozzle. It's much more than just a range of craft products, having given rise to a whole style of decoration that's been taken up eagerly by craft enthusiasts.
The principle is to paint upon a deep canvas frame ( a wooden frame to which a canvas has been fixed ).
home decoration design on triangular and square framesCanvases are normally made from white cotton, but they can also be found in black and linen, which will create a particularly elegant effect (if you can see the original color of the canvas under the paint). The canvas on a good-quality 3D frame should be fastened to the back of the frame by staples, beware of cheap frames where the canvas is glued to the frame sides and cut very close to the frame, it is is very likely to peel off due to the moisture in the paint. The depth of the deep frame adds a decorative touch, even in the absence of a wooden frame. Different depths of deep frame are available (the most common is 1.2 inches): you may either bring several deep frames of the same size together to create a larger design, or, alternatively, play around with different depths of frame...
Since Home decoration is about 3D effects above all,  you can play with geometrical designs by the way you position the canvases, e.g 3 small square frames side by side, 4 spaced-out squares forming a larger square, a triangle - square - triangle design etc, with a design or background that "spans"  one frame to the next.
We can play around with contrasting frame depths, glueing a smaller frame to a larger, glueing on wooden figurines (animals, musical instruments...) or big letters made out of wood... Here and there we can create a 3D effect by using casting plaster, modeling paste, embedding bits of mosaic or natural materials... home decoration design on triangular and square frames
The paper napkin applique technique is ideal for adding a special touch to a design. Stencils can also create a great look and you can continue the pattern all the way along the wall... Take a look at our designs for some ideas and then let your creativity take its course!