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home decoration triptych

Home decoration style triptych paintingThe frame we've chosen is rectangular, enabling us to place 3 identical squares along its length. The canvas is linen but will be completely covered over (including the sides, of course). A small square frame is stuck to the uppermost square, to create a diamond shape.
Since the Home Decoration style doesn't involve the painting of specific patterns, we're going to concentrate on creating effects with different textures, using a variety of techniques and materials:
  • crackle-effect painting: by applying a coat of paint, then a crackle medium, and finally a second coat of paint in a contrasting color (always painting in the same direction), the paint will crack as it dries. By applying a thicker coat of crackle medium, a more 3D, raised effect is created.
  • painting with a cloth: paint is applied to the area inside the frame creating lighter or even golden shades of color (as seen here in the small square frame)
  • thickened paint: by adding a heavy gel to acrylic paint (up to 50% of the volume of the paint), you can create and work with a very thick paint.
  • paper napkin applique technique: a paper napkin pattern is carefully cut out then glued on using glossy glue/varnish. The dark orange flower and its distinct shadow stand out well against the orange-colored background.
  • torn paper mosaic: the Decopatch paper is torn up and glued on to create a central square.
  • 3D effect/puff paint: expanding paint (for fabric or all-purpose use) may be used to draw attention to certain shapes and to create contours. Here, the Decopatch mosaic is framed with a gel-based paint applied straight from the tube. This can be washed off with water if you're not happy with the result...
  • glueing on 3D objects: objects to be painted or decorated may be glued directly onto the frame to create a 3D design. You may also create these 3D effects yourself using texture effect or modeling paste that you can stick on and then paint. We've glued on a small frame here. It was painted beforehand in similar shades to the rest of the design, albeit a little lighter and more golden in color, then a decorative leaf was glued on using glue/varnish.
the various stages in making a home decoration style triptych