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Sewing a fairy dress for Barbie

Here how to sew a cute fairy dress for a Barbie doll. Thanks to essential fairy accessories (hat and fairy wand), this beautiful princess dress becomes the dress of an unique fairy.

Material for the top:
-       4 rectangles of fabric: 3 ½” x 1 ¾ ” (4.5cm x 9cm)
-       Tulle for the sleeves: 2 rectangles 6” x 1 ½” ( 4cm x 15cm)
-       Tulle to recover the top of the dress. 4 rectangles: 3 ½” x 1 ¾ ” (4.5cm x 9cm)
-       2 Ribbons for the sleeves 2 ¾” (7cm)
-       2 sew on snaps

Material for the bottom of the dress
-       Lining of the the dress 6 ½” x 18 ½” (16cm x 47cm )
-       Front fabric 14” x 8” (37cm x 20cm )
-       Tulle 3 triangles :  9 ½” x 9 ½” x 5” (24cm x 24cm x 13cm )
Fairy dress for barbie

Step 1: assemble the top of the dress

Assemble the top of the dressPrepare tissus       Take the  rectangles and draw a mark on the top at 1” (2.5cm) from each side. Then draw a mark on the side at 2” (5cm) from the bottom on ech side
-       Trace a line on each side from one point to another. Then sew the fabric folowing the lines.

Step 2: sew the sleeves

Sew the sleeves of the Barbie dress-       Sew the tulle fabric on each piece of top fabric. Sew the hem on the back of the dress at the same time. For the front fabric just sew the V neck.
-       Sew the two front fabrics together in the middle. Try it on the doll, so the V neck will fit perfectly to your doll.
-       Sew the front and back fabric together on the shoulders
Sewing the top of the dress-       Pick the top fabric face up. Pin the sleeves on it up to 1 ” (2cm) let the rest of the sleeve on the top. We will gather it to make a puffy sleeve.
-       Sew the sleeves on the side folowing the pins. Then sew the rest by gathering to the top.
Sewing the top of the dress-       Put the top on the doll reverse. Then pin on the side and sew the sides of the dress.
Ribbon on the dress-       Take the ribbon  and sew it at the end of each sleeves by gathering the sleeves.

Step 3: finishing the top

Coudre le haut et le bas de la robe Return the top and draw a line on the bottom at ¾” (2cm)from each side, then joining in a triangle on the front. (see picture)
-       We will sew the top and the bottom fabric together folowing this line

Step 4: prepare the bottom of the dress

prepare the bottom of the dress-       Sew a hem on the bottom of the front fabric
-       Sew a hem on the bottom of the lining.
-       Then sew the two fabric together. Gather the lining to fit to the front fabric.
-       Sew a hem on the side of each triangles
-       Put the triangles on top of the frabric regularly, then sew them to the fabric.

Step 5: Sew the top and the bottom fabrics together

Sew the top and the bottom fabrics together-       Start by sewing the middle of the top fabric to the middle of the bottom fabric with a little sewing point. So you are sure that the fabrics are well aligned.
-       Then sew each side folowing the line and gathering the fabric

Step 6: Finishing the dress

 Finishing the dress-       Sew the dress on the back. Leave a little space on the top ½” (1.5cm), and sew a hem, so the doll can fit in the dress.
-       Sew the sew on snaps
-       Sew the decoration.