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Counted thread embroidery

Counted thread embroidery Counted thread embroidery Counted thread embroidery
Counted thread embroidery has come back into fashion with a vengeance!
With its simple patterns, counted thread embroidery lends itself to decorating walls but also objects, kid's blankets, towels, cloths, book covers, lamp shades and clothes, there's no shortage of possibilites
Counted thread embroidery
Counted thread embroidery is a cross stitch technique used on a fabric without a visible motif. To reproduce the pattern, therefore, you have to count the threads.
Useful to know! Part of the counted thread family : Hardanger embroidery
Hardanger embroidery is a traditional Norwegian form of embroidery (from the Hardanger region), now becoming better known. It involves counted thread embroidery, cut out patterns, using white yarn on white linen or cotton. Beauty knowing no borders, we're seeing more and more of this technique using updated color patterns. The best fabric for Hardanger embroidery is evenweave.The patterns originate from a grid of square blocks and hem stitches and so naturally are very geometrical.

Cross stitch embroidery : what fabrics?
Cross stitch embroidery commonly uses Aida cloth. Different sizes of weft are available, the smaller the weft, the smaller the cross stitch and the more delicate the end result - but also the more difficult the embroidery...
For a little variety, you can use colored Aida cloth, or bleached or natural (beige) linen.
When choosing a cloth, your notions dealer will ask you what size you want. In fact, the size of the cross stitches that you will embroider depends itself on the kind of cloth you choose. The number of cad hole per inch (hpi) of the cloth determines the fineness of the cloth, the higher the number, the finer the fabric.
For Aida cloth

11 count for beginner
14 count for Enthusiast
18 count for a finer embroidery
Higher counts for experienced embroiderers

Etamine cloth is a good cloth for beginners and for pretty embroidering.Etamine one thread equals approximately 20 count or more (very fine).Etamine 2 threads is closer to 14 count.
Lugana is another very regular cloth,(14 count) ideal for starting off on embroidery. Counted thread embroidery Replace your fabric with that used by painters for their canvases : With its linen look and good woven texture, it will help you add variety to the background of your work. It's also cheaper, but it must be dry cleaned.

How to cross stitch embroider any fabric you want
In specialist stores you can find what is called 'waste canvas'. It comes in 6.5 to 16 mesh and is basted on the surface to be embroidered - a garment, cushion, lampshade. The 'grid' form of the fabric allows you to cross stitch the pattern of your choice. Once the embroidery is finished, you just have to pull out the threads one by one and the cross stitch pattern will be perfect!