Sewing a Halloween witch hat and broom for Barbie

Here is the witch hat and broom to complete the Halloween witch outfit for your Barbie! It will not take you a long time for complete the Halloween costume.

magic wand and the fairy hat
witch hat and magic broom
The hat is made with a thick faux leather. You can easily replace it by cardboard and recover it with black fabric.

Happy sewing!

What you need for the fairy hat

material for halloween hat
-       Cut a triangle in a piece of cardboard 4” x 4” x 5” (13cm x 10cm X 10cm )
-       Elastic 3 ½” (9cm)
-       One square of fabric 6” x 6” (15cm x 15cm )
-       2 rectangles of tulle to recover the hat: 2 ½” x 5” (13cm x 6cm )
-       Decoration for the edge of the hat

Making the fairy hat

Form the hat
-       Turn the top of the hat to make a cone for the hat. Then put a piece of tap and either stapple it or sew it. Make sure it fits the doll’s head.
-       Then cut the extra fabric to make the hat round on the base. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s a witch hat.  I’ll put a little black marker on the stapples so they won’t show.
-       Glue or staple the fabric on the hat. Then sew around it to make it solid.
-       Sew the tulle on the top the hat.
-       Put the decoration arround the hat. I glued sequins arround it.
making the witch hat
-       Take the cone and put in the middle of the edge. Then trace the round with a marker
-       Then cut the fabric in the middle. Don’t cut it perfectly, so you can sew it to the top and you can put it on the doll’s head. It won’t fall.
-       Now be patient and sew the two pieces together
Now be patient and sew the two pieces together
sewing the witch hat
sewing ribbon on the hat
Then sew the orange piece of fabric (or ribbon) arround the hat.

What you need for the witch broom

Matériel pour fabriquer le balai de sorcière
-       One stick lengh 6” (15cm)
-       Hay, or anything that can look like hay  (I had a hay ribbon)
-       Double sided tap  (or glue) and orange ribbon
Take the stick and put a piece of sided tap on the top. Put the hay arround it. It doesn’t have to be perfect.
Then tape gain arround the hay. You can use glue if the tap doesn’t stick enough.
Sew a little piece of orange fabric arround it, sew it very tight so the hay won’t move.
sewing witch broom
The Halloween witch hat and broom are ready!

Your (kind) witch is ready to fly away !

Creative sheet written by par