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Summer arts and crafts

craft designs for the garden, the patio, the beach
Bring a personal touch to the garden patio with these decorative designs – Summer ideas for beads,  fimo clay, and painting on glass and wood...
how to customize an exercise book
A water pitcher, tablecloth clip, hat pins, 'bejeweled' glasses... give everything you need for the Summer months a new twist!
Bead hat pin, rhinestone glasses

Tablecloth clips

Bead tablecloth decoration
Essential for any meal out in the garden, these tablecloth clips are made from Fimo clay beads. Here are 4 different models, one for every corner of the table, perhaps, alternatively, as an adaptation to the trend for mismatched cutlery, which also has its charm... >> Making tablecloth clips
Summer arts and crafts with fimo beads
Arts and crafts tablecloth decoration
Beautiful bead jewelry tablecloth clips

Other Summer arts and craft designs

Summer arts and craft painted design
Summer arts and craft design: paper napkin applique technique
Using a paper napkin, redecorate a wood tray in breezy, Summery shades. Paper napkin applique technique
A simple water pitcher takes on a lively, colorful look. The Painting on glass technique

On the beach, dare to be different – get personalizing!

Personalizing flip-flops
Personalize your flip-flops with Swarovski crystal beads!
Personalizing a t-shirt using rhinestones
Personalize a t-shirt using paint and rhinestones
Personalizing a mini beach bag
personalize a mini beach bag