Making homemade stickers

Making your own stickers : now there's an activity that really gets the kids creativity going...

The reproduction of logos has an immediate appeal for kids - and needs real concentration too. Imagination comes next and an added advantage in producing these stickers is that the result is quickly there to see.

When using the spray glue, the presence of an adult is extremely important, as is finding a well-ventilated place to spray in.
Making homemade stickers
paste your own designs You will need :

Spray Fix 404 is a repositionable adhesive, ideal for the temporary fixing of stencils for example.
This spray doesn't stain or make colors run. It can be stuck and restuck - just right for making the stickers that children love to be able to decorate their t-shirts, their notepads and their pencil boxes with.

Just start off by drawing a picture with regular felt-tip pens (no shortage of ideas there!).
If the sticker's for a t-shirt, keep the sticker small to preserve the feel of the cloth.
making stickers
Once the design is drawn, cut it out and place it face down on some rough paper (itself placed on cardstock to protect the worktop).

Spray each design from a distance of 6 inches.

Wait 5 minutes after spraying.

Fix the completed stickers where you want them.

We also tried out red stripes on a blue t-shirt (using crepe paper) to produce a realistic soccer strip!

Making homemade stickers kids DIY making designs to paste
Making homemade stickers
Thanks to Clothilde, Guillaume and Loïc for these pretty designs.